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The IHAA Quality Seal

the assurance That Your Parts will be Handled by Experts

The IHAA Quality Seal is the only one of its kind in the world issued by a non-profit organization. All necessary services are performed by the IHAA on a purely voluntary basis and only cost recovery must be achieved. The goal of the IHAA Seal is to recognize the truly best, most innovative and leading anodizing companies in the world and not to issue the largest possible number of certifications in order to make the highest possible profits. We want to achieve a clear separation of the absolute top companies from the rest!

IHAA has chosen an innovative and more modern approach to accreditation, born purely from practical experience. We must not just rigidly apply the standardized coating procedures. In our case, customer requirements ultimately determine the required properties of the coatings, which also do not necessarily always meet all traditional test standards.

Accreditation under IHAA guidelines confirms that the anodizer has the plant technology, laboratory equipment, documentation systems and expertise necessary to produce the highest quality coatings on a consistent basis with appropriate traceability. We are not propagating the creation of useless mountains of paper, but we have limited the system to what is truly essential. Only if employees understand the benefits directly and do not regard it as an annoying evil, the system will be accepted and lived as a matter of course in practical operation - and only then does it have a practical meaning!

If these 4 basic requirements are present, coatings of the highest quality are guaranteed!

The goal of IHAA certification is to identify the best possible suppliers on the market for the customer!

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